Air/Vacuum Machines

Benefits of an Air/ Vacuum Machine for your business

Increased Revenue: Not only do our customers report additional revenue directly from this equipment, but they also report increased fuel sales.

Reliable Technology:  Revenue increasing technology only works for you, well when it actually works! Starting with a dependable machine is key, and if problems ever do arise digital monitoring ensures the problem is found immediately.

Added Branding: Often times it’s the little things that separate you from your competition.

Added Customer Loyalty: By providing quality service amenities your customers will have more reasons to return.

Why Multipoint

Multipoint offerers the highest quality Air/Vac Machines, with an equally exceptional level of service. Our large roster of technicians, accompanied by the individualized support you deserve ensures any downtime is minimal and that your business is more profitable.

Air and Vac Placement- Hesitant to invest capital? Multipoint can help. Our full-service placements allow us to manage your Air and Vac Machine from service and maintenance to cash management while you still earn a percentage

Air Elite