Why Accept Credit Cards?

Improve Cash Flow
Increased Sales
Offer your customers more ways to pay
Increase ticket and impulse spending
Prevent loss of sale

Why Multipoint?

As a leading full-service merchant processing and service provider in the industry, Multipoint has the friendly staff and know-how to support you and your growing business. Multipoint has a variety of services to fit any merchant’s needs.

Next day Funding
Low Guaranteed rates

Program Options

Mobile Pay

Whether you’re a tradesman or run a delivery business and want to accept credit or debit card payments on the road, our mobile card reader is the best choice. It’s fast and simple to set up. With no need for a fixed broadband connection, you can accept payments anywhere with mobile coverage.


Multipoint POS is the point of sale solution you have been looking for.  This full featured, easy to use POS system will help you keep track of your business and provide an enjoyable experience for your customers.  Whether you have a restaurant, bar, retail store, salon or many other business types Multipoint POS can be customized to fit your needs.

Virtual Terminal

Easily expand the ways you can accept payments with our flexible online payment options. Accept the combination of credit, debit, gift or direct debit that best meets your business needs, online or in store. Automate payment plans to reduce the expense of accounts receivable and collections.

Gift Card

Whether it’s holiday season or every day, Worldpay’s Gift Card Program makes it easy and convenient to issue your own branded gift cards – differentiating you in the marketplace and giving customers reasons to come back.

Credit Card VX820 (PinPad)

Credit Card VX520 (Terminal)

Multipoint, Inc. is a sponsored Agent of Citizens Bank N.A. Providence, RI.